Rabu, 24 November 2010

Suzuki Swift GT3

Suzuki Swift finally revealed the launch of the latest plan GT3. Mat Indonesian International Motor Show 2010 next month will be his place.

It is expressed directly administered by the Director of Sales Marketing Group, Suzuki, Endro Nugroho. He said, prefer to call this latest Swift as a special edition.

"We will launch the Swift GT3 at IIMS, actually not the latest generation, but the limited edition," he said, when talking with detikOto.

His name was special edition, even promising Endro view this latest Swift will be more sporty than ever. In fact, Swift GT2 beat sporty view.

"Bodi, and the interior there is a change, I guarantee that just so cool, sporty very plasticity," said Endro enigmatic.

However, he was still reluctant to divulge the estimated sale price. He simply said, other Swift variants until now, no price increase.

"But it's a special edition, there are some additions and changes, price increases definitely going to happen, just wait for sure," lid Endro.

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